Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone. I wasn't going to get on here because I know how God has personally been dealing with me, but I really didn't have or know what to say even though I felt I should given the position I'm blessed with to minister or mentor at times when God chooses to use me. Notice I said when "God" chooses to. But does anybody else feel that constant pressure of having to always know what to say, having to always have an answer, always be on point and have it together? So I rather not say anything, cause I can make it sound good if you know what I mean, but if you know me you know I ain't the one for all the fakeness. So I got back to basics and simply prayed Father God in the name of Jesus, I pray for everyone listening to me that they go into this New Year allowing YOU to lead the way. Make their path straight and clear before. Let us not be lead by our own mind/understanding, but trust You with our whole heart, cause we may have our little plans(who can match the imagination of how big His plan is for our life?),but You got the best plan going. Make it so that we don't need a plan B, C,D, none of that, all we need is You! And with Your plan you offer peace, which is so priceless now days. Keep us in remembrance that You are our all purpose answer for everything. Help us remember that you got us. You won't fail us. When everything and everyone else fails, even when we have failed ourselves, like I have time after time, You won't fail us. We bring You in remembrance of your word saying not that You make all things work for those who get it all right, cross every T and dot every I, and make perfect decisions all the time, but Your word says You make all things (everything seems to fall in the category of all, doesn't it?) work for the good of those who love You the called according to His purpose. Thank You for Your grace and mercy which we desperately need and help us to show that same mercy to others. Speaking of purpose, help us to love You more with our hearts and less with our mouths, and show it to others, our neighbor's, everyone, including those that we may feel don't deserve it, cause we don't always either. Remind us that Love is an action word and we are the vehicles You ride around in to make Your deliveries . It's not passive, it's aggressive. Keep us focused on You,cause if we do that keep our eyes on you we can walk on water, and if we can walk on water we can do anything. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. The church is where God lives, so its not the building, but the people are the church. Let the church say, Amen. Even something as simple as this, God provides manna from day to day. May this year be the best year of your life and let every year after be better than the one before. Peace and God bless. ‪#‎officialrizm‬ ‪#‎realrizm‬ ‪#‎rizmredtearz‬ ‪#‎rizmmusic‬‪#‎raisingrizm‬
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